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2020 a year in review

January 1, 2021

2020 a year in review

For me the year 2020 was pretty good. This is a look back at the last year with an evaluation of my goals and setting up some goals for next year.


The year 2020 for my sport and fitness goals was kind of strange. I completely failed my goal of running three half marathons. Partly because of the pandemic and partly because I failed to prepare because of extra weight and problems with knees. On the other hand, I started with a new sport that I completely fell in love with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Firstly I wanted to just try it to add something else to my strength routine but I became a total maniac. I spend every possible minute on the tatami and it is something I will continue to do next year.

The biggest problem is my weight. I, once again, failed to lose some weight. I feel like I need to do something radical. I will be cutting the sweets next year. I have quite a sweet tooth and I feel that I do not eat that bad but coca-cola, cakes and other shit prevents me from finally cutting some weight. By cutting sweets I mean completely. For me the middle road never works and I feel like an alcoholic I can stick to something (like whole30) for a month but then I come back to normal and ultimately find myself eating tons of sugar once again. So for 2021, the goal is to stop eating sweets no sweets from time to time I mean complete cut like an alcoholic on rehab.


Regarding work my Year was awesome. A new job found me, I can work with a bunch of great developers on an interesting project and I have a feeling that this is a place where I would like to work for several next years. Feeling I newer had so far. I focused on node.js, was trying some Clojure and F# while learning the basics of machine learning, and get interested in rust in the end.

I also started blogging which is something I thought of a lot but this year I finally did it.

Next year I would like to continue learning about fp and typed languages (rust!).

I would like to also do some bigger side project. I thought of creating a course on ramda but nothing is set to stone.

The last thing I would like to do next year is getting a little bit more into security and software architecture and pursue one of those.


This year was good for reading. I read or listened to 24 books this year. It was the year of Neil Gaiman. I discovered him through the American goods (which I am listening to for the third time) and he immediately becomes one of my favorite authors. I read a little bit less technical literature this year than I wanted. I have quite a pile to read next year so I would like to read at least 7 of them. Also writing down the books I read into the google sheets is something I would like to continue with.


I would like to publish one technical article a month. Nothing crazy but learn how to write well is not a top priority for me.


It was a good year for me. I hope that next year will be good for everyone. Especially those who are suffering during the pandemic. To summarize it the only big goal for me the next year is to cut the sweets. The rest is to continue doing what I am doing and have fun doing it.