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2021 Year in review

December 28, 2021

2021 Year in review

Last year I wrote my 2020 review. Today I would like to look back on my plans for last year to see what went well and what did not, and also plan a little bit for the next year.


My biggest goal for 2020 was to lose some weight... Which I definitely managed. During the first quarantine, I lost about 13 kilograms which I did not gain again. I stopped eating sweets for the first three months but I started to eat them again in moderation. I still have problems managing the amount of sugar I eat but it gets better and learning how to manage food better is more valuable than crossing all sweats or junk food from my life. I still have about 5-7 extra kilograms to ideal weight, that I would like to lose next year but overall I check this one as a success. I continued with BJJ with the same enthusiasm as last year, that is something I will be continuing. The last thing is that I would like to finally beat my long-term goal and run a half marathon in under 2 hours. With my current form, it should be no problem so the goal for me is one hour forty-five minutes.


Last review my goals was to learn a new functional language, start some bigger side project and focus on security or architecture. From those goals, I finished none. I tried a few new languages during quarantine, read some books about architecture, etc. In the end, my work pushed me into the DevOps direction. Although I did not accomplish any of my goals the DevOps direction gave me a lot of opportunities, I started organizing our internal DevOps talks and started with AWS. DevOps is a thing I would like to work on next year. The goal for me is to finish AWS certified architect next year and continue organizing our internal DevOps talks.


The blog is my biggest regret of last year. Since lockdown ended I wrote exactly 0 articles. This is something I want to change. Since the start of the next week I would like to publish a weekly article with one week off each month. I feel that I need to make my writing better and I have a ton of new stuff to learn and for me writing is learning.


This year I read 30 books, most of them in audio form. I am still writing them down into my google sheet and there is nothing I would like to change. I read not 7 but 5 technical books. The only big change for me is that I started to use Instapaper for reading articles and most importantly readwise to make notes and review them. Both are great reading additions and well worth their price.


Overall 2021 was a good year for me. I lost weight, enjoyed BJJ, had a great vacation, and found what to focus on in my work. Next year will be a year of change in my personal life but if I will endure with everything I do I think that the year will also be awesome!

Goals list

This goals list includes only "SMART" goals.

  • Write 3 articles a month
  • Lost at least 5kg
  • Organize 9 DevOps indeeds
  • Be a certified cloud architect
  • Half Marathon under 1:45